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Currently I am setting up the site with links to episodes and songs and pages with character bios. However right now they are not finished so you may find an incomplete or empty page. Soon I will have these completely finished and ready for viewing. Thank-you for your patience!


What really makes this first episode really special is how much it sets itself apart from other kid’s shows. What sets it apart is the fact that it introduces the characters (like any good first episode should), it IS the back story of the series and the Mane Six’s friendship, and it supplies a major conflict right at the end of the episode which makes you want to watch the next episode. When was the last time that happened in Sponge-Bob. Never. Read the rest of this entry »

Since we are currently between seasons of “My Little Pony” I figured that I should go through each episode that has premiered so far and give a summary of it and my opinion, the same way I’d do it if the episode was new. So here is a summary of the very first MLP episode “The Mare in the Moon.” Read the rest of this entry »