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The generous, wonderful, downright gorgeous Rarity. I’m not an expert at determining the attractiveness of ponies, but if the way people act around Rarity tells me anything it is that she is the definition of beautiful by Equestrian standards. I mean I’m sure Spike doesn’t just fall in love with any old pony. Well if Rarity is that beautiful she deserves it. She practically spends her entire life making herself look good. I’m sure that if I tried that hard I could look like Fabio. At first this need for beauty by Rarity was not funny but rather bratty and annoying. However, eventually her emphasis of beauty became funny and something to laugh at like when she was dragged into the hole by the diamond dogs because as she tried to escape their grasp she got dirt on her hooves. That’s funny! They also made her high-class attitude funny too especially through her famous quote “I am not “whining”. I am complaining. Do you want to hear “whining”? This is whining!”

Rarity’s Element of Harmony isn’t fashion however it’s generosity. Even with her need for beauty Rarity would do anything to help a friend even if she had to swim with pigs in a puddle of mud filled with bugs. What did you do this time Pinkie? I’m sure not even Applejack would cut her tail of to fix a sea serpent’s moustache for the sole reason of “fabulosity.” Who would have thought that the pony who has a personality that revolves around herself would be the generous one.


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  1. Mikey Clark said:

    You are a awesome person

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