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Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash. One of the fastest, most talented fliers in Equestria. Rainbow Dash is the only pony in Equestria history to perform a Sonic Rainboom, which involves her breaking the sound barrier and creating a rainbow at the same time resulting in an explosion with a rainbow ring. Rainbow Dash is by far the fastest flier in Ponyville with a wingpower of 16. With her many talents comes an obsession with winning. As she stated herself “And the only thing I liked more than flying fast…was winning!” With this love for winning comes a hatred of losing, which can cause her to cheat in a competition as seen in “Fall Weather Friends.” Rainbow Dash’s main goal in  life is to join the Wonderbolts, the greatest fliers in Equestria. She has on several occasions gone out of her way to impress the Wonderbolts.

Rainbow Dash’s Element of Harmony is Loyalty. Even with her need to win and impress, Rainbow dash never fails to help her friends. She will always stick by their sides no matter what. She’d even give up her dream to fly with the Wonderbolts.


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