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Fluttershy, as her name suggests, is shy. In her first appearance she was reduced to whimpering because Twilight Sparkle wanted to know her name. However, when Fluttershy is surrounded by her friends or animals, she can be very sociable (but quiet). Along with her shyness, Fluttershy is scared of many things. Her worst fear is dragons as seen in “Dragonshy” but she still loves baby ones as seen in “Mare in the Moon”. When it comes to animals, however, Fluttershy isn’t scared no matter how big they are. Her fear of monsters, however, is on and off. Although a Pegasus, Fluttershy is not a great flyer. This combined with her shyness makes her the opposite to Rainbow Dash’s flying skills and confidence.

Fluttershy’s Element of Harmony is Kindness. As long as you don’t scare her away Fluttershy will be the kindest pony you’ve ever met. She is so kind sometimes it becomes her downfall as seen in “Return of Harmony Part 2” when she asked Rainbow Dash if she could hold her down against her will. Sadly some people take advantage of her kindness (Angel) and treat her as a “doormat” (Angel) as seen in “Putting her Hoof Down”. Even though people do this to her however, Fluttershy still stays kind to them (Angel).


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