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Opinions on S1 E4: Applebuck Season

I really liked this episode. Since it is one of the earliest episodes, I haven’t seen it in a while, but I was not disappointed. Now that I’ve seen it again, this time understanding the characters better, I can say “Applebuck Season” is up there for one of my favorite episodes. What I find makes the episode good is just how Applejack acts while she is tired. She starts acting like Pinkie Pie! I find that the only thing missing from this episode is a good song and maybe more Rarity but I guess that’s my own bias opinion. (more…)


Opinions on S1 E3: The Ticket Master

“The Ticket Master” was a pretty good episode. The topic is a bit cliché, but come on what TV show hasn’t done the friends fighting over an extra something that you have. Just yesterday I watched two shows back-to-back that had the topic. Although the topic was an overused one, the episode was still enjoyable to watch. I felt that during the episode every character’s personality was portrayed to a full extent at one time or another. One thing that bugged me besides the cliché topic was the songs. I have never been a big fan of the songs in the episode. (more…)

Opinions on S1 E2: Elements of Harmony

Sorry that this is late but I had a busy day yesterday and was hardly able to get the summary up. Not like anyone is reading this.

This episode is pretty well-rounded with every part being about the same in quality. Because of this my favorite and least favorite part were very hard to choose and the character awards were almost impossible. The episode was pretty good overall and it had tons of foreshadowing. And I mean Tons. About every two seconds they were foreshadowing each pony’s Element of Harmony. By the time they reached the Elements of Harmony the only Element that was left a mystery was Twilight Sparkle’s Element of Magic. (more…)

Opinions on S1 E1: The Mare in the Moon

What really makes this first episode really special is how much it sets itself apart from other kid’s shows. What sets it apart is the fact that it introduces the characters (like any good first episode should), it IS the back story of the series and the Mane Six’s friendship, and it supplies a major conflict right at the end of the episode which makes you want to watch the next episode. When was the last time that happened in Sponge-Bob. Never. (more…)