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“Applebuck Season” begins with Applejack and Big Macintosh looking over the fields of apple trees that need to be harvested. Unfortunately Big Macintosh is injured and can’t help this year but Applejack says she’ll do it by herself. Big Macintosh protests (Yes, he actually speaks more than two words!) saying that there are way too much trees for just one pony but his protests fall on deaf ears.

Some time later, Applejack is seen getting ready to begin harvesting. Suddenly there is a noise and we find out Ponyville is about to be hit by a stampede. Quickly Applejack and her dog Winona herd the cows and stop them from entering the town. The next day the town has a party for Applejack but Applejack comes late and when she does arrive she is extremely tired (so tired she starts acting like Pinkie Pie).

Later Applejack, being the dependable pony she is, helps her friends with several tasks but her tiredness overwhelms her and causes her to screw up. When helping Rainbow Dash with a new trick, she launches Rainbow when she isn’t ready after missing and hitting the ground several times. Next she helps Pinkie Pie with baking, but she ends up creating the worst muffins in the world, the baked bads, causing everypony in town to become sick. Finally she tries to help Fluttershy herd baby bunnies together so she can count them but ends up causing a stampede that ruins everypony’s garden in Ponyville. This entire time Twilight Sparkle tries to get Applejack to let people help her but Applejack refuses time and time again.

After Applejack ruins everypony’s garden, Twilight tries one more time to reason with her. This time Applejack says she doesn’t need no help because she was finished and she bucks the last tree. However, Big Macintosh arrives and shows Applejack that she only harvested half the apples, and with that Applejack says yes to help. Soon Applejack and her friends finish the harvest and drink apple juice.


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