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I really liked this episode. Since it is one of the earliest episodes, I haven’t seen it in a while, but I was not disappointed. Now that I’ve seen it again, this time understanding the characters better, I can say “Applebuck Season” is up there for one of my favorite episodes. What I find makes the episode good is just how Applejack acts while she is tired. She starts acting like Pinkie Pie! I find that the only thing missing from this episode is a good song and maybe more Rarity but I guess that’s my own bias opinion.

The best part of the episode is by far the part in which Pinkie Pie and Applejack stare at the trophy. You know something is wrong with a character when they start acting like Pinkie Pie and that’s how the creators used it. They made it so that you would see how tired Applejack really was. So this part not only was funny but it also got a point across creatively by having Applejack compared to Pinkie Pie.

The worst part of this great episode is the repeated attempts by Twilight Sparkle to get Applejack to get help. Although these arts were funny for what happened during these times, like Applejack trying to harvest a dead tree, the idea of what was happening was very repetitive. I would have preferred if the amount of times this happened was limited to three or two instead of five. This kind of problem would not affect some other episodes, but, due to the quality of this one, the repetitive begging for Applejack to get help was very annoying.

Now Character Awards:

The Worst Character Award goes to Spike. Although Spike had funny parts, I could not stop seeing the sexist slurs. I know I sound like an old, Catholic woman commenting on a Lucky Charms conspiracy but I had to pick Spike because there was no one else I could think of. Anyway I couldn’t stop seeing how Spike liking the baked bads was reference to boys liking dirty, disgusting things. I can’t finish, I sound too much like an old, Catholic woman. I’m sorry Spike but you win the Worst Character Award.

The winner of the Best Character Award is obviously Applejack. It is almost impossible not to be the best character in your own episode and it is shown once again in this one. Applejack wins because “Applebuck Season” shows a part of her personality you don’t usually see, when she is tired and can’t perform her duties because of it. Also she acts like Pinkie Pie at one part. Congratulations Applejack!


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