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“The Ticket Master” begins with Twilight Sparkle and Applejack carrying baskets full of apples. As they head to Sweet Apple Acres, Twilight receives a letter from Princess Celestia. Inside the letter are two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala. Applejack then asks Twilight if she could have the other ticket so that she can sell apple products at the Gala and make money for her family. Before Twilight is able to give the ticket to her however, Rainbow Dash flies in after overhearing them. Rainbow Dash wants the ticket so that she can meet, and hopefully become a part of, the Wonderbolts! Rainbow Dash and Applejack then continue to fight over who should receive the ticket but Twilight stops them and promises that she’ll think of who she will give it to after lunch.

On her way to lunch Twilight bumps into Pinkie Pie and later Rarity and Fluttershy. All them want the extra ticket for their own reasons. Pinkie Pie wants the ticket because the Gala is “the most amazing incredible tremendous super-fun wonderful terrifically humongous party in all of Equestria!” Rarity wants the extra ticket so that she can meet her true love Princess Celestia’s nephew. Finally Fluttershy wants to go to the Gala so that she can meet all the animals in the Canterlot gardens. The friends then begin to fight over who should receive the ticket but Twilight stops them and tells them that she’ll decide later who gets the ticket. However, the other ponies begin doing Twilight favors so that they can discretely get Twilight to give them the extra ticket (except for Pinkie who just sings a song about getting the ticket causing all of Ponyville to chase after Twilight for the ticket).

Once Twilight escapes the mob by hiding in the library, she finds her friends already there. Twilight then breaks down and says that she can’t decide who to give the ticket to. Everyone starts to see how much stress they’ve been putting on Twilight and decide they don’t want the extra ticket. Rainbow Dash then does a victory dance since she gets the ticket by default but after a few dirty looks she decides she won’t take it. Twilight then sends both tickets back saying that if all her friends can’t go then none of them will. Two seconds later Princess Celestia sends another letter and, surprise surprise, there are six tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala. Now all of them can go! (Except Spike but he gets a ticket later). Then they all get lunch (well I guess dinner at this point. One question, does anyone know how the tickets are floating. I could not figure that out).


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