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“The Ticket Master” was a pretty good episode. The topic is a bit cliché, but come on what TV show hasn’t done the friends fighting over an extra something that you have. Just yesterday I watched two shows back-to-back that had the topic. Although the topic was an overused one, the episode was still enjoyable to watch. I felt that during the episode every character’s personality was portrayed to a full extent at one time or another. One thing that bugged me besides the cliché topic was the songs. I have never been a big fan of the songs in the episode.

The best part of the episode was when everyone saw how much stress Twilight was under and got rid of their claim on the ticket. Not only was this part a decent resolution to the problem but it also contained humor. How could you not crack up when Rainbow Dash excitedly celebrated her victory as the person who receives the ticket by default. Priceless.

Worst part of the episode was “Pinkies’s Gala Fantasy Song.” Like i said before not a big fan of the song. I feel like it doesn’t have good music to it and not very good lyrics so it was just dreadful watching it.

Character Awards:

Worst Character Award goes to Princess Celestia. Although I would not usually count characters that don’t appear in the episode as nominees I feel that Princess Celestia played a big enough role and technically spoke when Twilight read her letters. Anyway Princess Celestia won the Worst Character Award because she practically caused the entire conflict. Although she writes that Twilight could have just asked for more doesn’t mean she should have only sent two in the first place. That’s why Celestia wins this award.

Finally here is the Best Character Award. The Best Character Award goes to Rainbow Dash. If you’ve read this entire post so far and even my summary you can probably guess why Rainbow Dash was chosen. If not, then that sucks for you. Rainbow Dash won because she was funny not only in the part that was mentioned several times but also other parts in the episode like when she was eavesdropping while taking a nap in a tree after she refused to help Applejack because she was “busy”. Congratulations Rainbow Dash.

Well thanks for reading. Now I have to figure out how to get off the moon.


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