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Sorry that this is late but I had a busy day yesterday and was hardly able to get the summary up. Not like anyone is reading this.

This episode is pretty well-rounded with every part being about the same in quality. Because of this my favorite and least favorite part were very hard to choose and the character awards were almost impossible. The episode was pretty good overall and it had tons of foreshadowing. And I mean Tons. About every two seconds they were foreshadowing each pony’s Element of Harmony. By the time they reached the Elements of Harmony the only Element that was left a mystery was Twilight Sparkle’s Element of Magic.

The best part of this episode was definitely Pinkie Pie’s Laughter Song. It was the only part that actually stood out by a lot. And with Twilight Sparkle ashamed of Pinkie Pie doing it, the song was actually funny too. Did I also mention it’s just a good song in general.

The worst part of the episode is definitely going to be the hardest to determine because like I’ve been saying every part has the same amount of good quality. Well since I have to choose one it would have to be… wait, no I don’t. This is my blog so I can choose whether or not there was a worst part to the episode. So there is no worst part, they were all good. :P

Character Awards. This is going to be terrible

Worst Character Award goes to Applejack. I’m warning you now these probably won’t be very good reasons. Applejack was the worst character because she impressed me the least. She didn’t do anything wrong but she didn’t do anything good either. So Applejack wins the Worst Character Award because she was too average. Deal with it.

The Best character Award goes to Twilight Sparkle. Although she is my least favorite of the Mane Six she really shined in this episode. I mean i have to give her credit for trusting Applejack. I know I’d never let go even if the ground was a couple of inches away. Okay maybe that was bit exaggerated. Anyway congrats Twilight you’ll probably never win again.


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