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“Elements of Harmony” starts of where “The Mare in the Moon” left off, Nightmare Moon plunging Equestria into eternal darkness. Nightmare Moon escapes before anyone is able to catch her in a purple cloud. Quickly, Twilight Sparkle rushes home in order to find out more about the Elements of Harmony. While looking she is joined by Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. They ask what she is doing and Twilight explains that she is looking for a book on the Elements of Harmony which will help defeat Nightmare Moon. Pinkie Pie quickly finds the book in the “E” section (only Twilight wouldn’t check there first). What the book tells them is that they will find the Elements of Harmony deep in the Everfree Forest, a mysterious, magical, evil forest.

While trekking through the forest, the group faces several challenges. A ledge breaking, a manticore, evil trees, a raging river, and a broken bridge. As the group faces each challenge the best quality of each pony is shown (besides Twilight). Applejack shows her honesty when she tells Twilight to let go and that she’ll be okay (I have to give Twilight credit. I’d just yell at Applejack to just pull me up). Fluttershy shows her kindness by soothing a manticore by removing a thorn from his paw. Pinkie Pie shows her… uh… laughter when she laughs the evil trees away. Rarity shows her generosity when she cuts off her tail to replace a sea serpents moustache so that he’ll help them cross a raging river. Finally Rainbow Dash shows her loyalty by turning down the offer to fly with the Shadowbolts, the greatest flyers in the Everfree Forest (not a very impressive title if you ask me). Finally the group reaches the place where the Elements of Harmony are held.

As they enter, Twilight Sparkle sees the Elements at the back of the room. As she goes to activate them the rest of the group leaves to give her concentration. Suddenly Twilight is transported to a tower next door where she finds Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon then breaks the Elements to pieces leaving Twilight Sparkle defenseless. Just as she is about to be destroyed by Nightmare Moon, however, Twilight hears her friends (yes FRIENDS) coming to help her. It is at this moment that Twilight realizes that the stupid rocks were never the Elements of Harmony but instead her and her friends (that is such a weird word to use). Applejack is Honesty, Fluttershy is Kindness, Pinkie Pie is Laughter, Rarity is Generosity, Rainbow Dash is Loyalty, and finally Twilight Sparkle is Magic. Using the Elements of Harmony the friends destroy Nightmare Moon and revert her to original form, Princess Luna. Princess Celstia then finally shows up and reveals that Luna is her little sister. The two sisters reunite after 1000 years and Pinkie Pie throws a party. The End.


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