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Since we are currently between seasons of “My Little Pony” I figured that I should go through each episode that has premiered so far and give a summary of it and my opinion, the same way I’d do it if the episode was new. So here is a summary of the very first MLP episode “The Mare in the Moon.”

“The Mare in the Moon” begins with Twilight Sparkle doing what she does best, reading and secluding herself from everyone else. The book tells her, and us (since she reads aloud apparently), about how a great and powerful pony banished her sister to the moon for causing eternal night. She was able to accomplish this through the Elements of Harmony, which Twilight takes great interest in at once. So Twilight rushes home and begins to frantically search for a book on the Elements of Harmony. When she finally finds the book (thanks Spike) she finds all her questions about the Elements of Harmony in a book only about Nightmare Moon returning (she read between the lines). Quickly she writes to Princess Celestia telling her about the return of Nightmare Moon. Almost immediately she is rejected and told to make friends in Ponyville (Thanks Celstia, I would not be able to watch a show called “My Little Twilight: Reading is Magic”).

As soon as she arrives in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle is welcomed the same way she always is, with screams and everyone running away. Twilight doesn’t care though and continues on with her duty of  making sure the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration are all going well. First she stops by Sweet Apple Acres, and is promptly introduced to the entire Apple family by Applejack who drops the F-bomb on Twilight (Friend). Next Twilight checks on Rainbow Dash who is in charge of weather. In 10 seconds flat Rainbow Dash clears the sky of clouds and also drops the F-bomb on Twilight (I wish I could not care and make friends at the same time). Next Twilight checks on decorations and is quickly rushed out by Rarity so that she can give Twilight a makeover. Finally Twilight visits Fluttershy who is in charge of the bird chorus. For once Twilight is the one doing the overwhelming (poor Fluttershy).

When Twilight and Spike finally reach where they’re staying, a library (someone is obsessed), Twilight Sparkle comes face-to-face with her worst nightmare, people. Turns out the pony who ran away when Twilight first arrived was actually Pinkie Pie, the ADHD party animal who enjoys breaking walls, especially the fourth one! Pinkie Pie invited all of Ponyville to the party: Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Derpy Hooves, and even Lyra Heartstrings and Colgate who also live in Canterlot (summer houses?). Anyway Pinkie Pie hosts the party of the century like usual and everyone ends up in town hall waiting for Princess Celestia to appear and raise the sun. When the curtains are opened, however, Celestia isn’t there! Suddenly Nightmare Moon appears and promises to plunge Equestria into Eternal darkness!

Well that’s the first episode.


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