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What really makes this first episode really special is how much it sets itself apart from other kid’s shows. What sets it apart is the fact that it introduces the characters (like any good first episode should), it IS the back story of the series and the Mane Six’s friendship, and it supplies a major conflict right at the end of the episode which makes you want to watch the next episode. When was the last time that happened in Sponge-Bob. Never. This is why I give the award for best part of the episode to the part in which Nightmare Moon appears and plunges Equestria into eternal darkness. I give this part the award not because it was funny, exciting, or a catchy song but because it was the first HUGE difference between “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” and every other kid’s show.

Although the episode was good it still wasn’t great. The number one worst part was the abundance of Twilight Sparkle. Although I don’t despise her like I do Scootaloo I still don’t enjoy watching her fret about her books and worries. Unlike other Twilight based episodes this one had none of the other characters most of the time. The only reason why I did not shoot myself after hearing Twilight complain about Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy was Spike. Thank-you Spike! So tied for first for the worst part of the episode is every Twilight Sparkle exclusive part.

Now here comes the Character Awards:

The Worst Character Award goes to Rarity. Rarity, like every episode before “Suited for Success”, is a total b***h in this episode. Unlike now where her proper etiquette and Mysophobia is funny, back then it was just annoying and brattish. Luckily Rarity’s way of properness changed and made her funny otherwise she’d win this award every time.

Last but not least the Best Character Award goes to Pinkie Pie. Although she only really appeared in the last half of the episode, Pinkie Pie was able to make her personality known. Within the small time she was present Pinkie Pie threw a party, broke the fourth wall, did something completely random, and tried to play a guessing game while everyone else was scared half to death by Nightmare Moon. Congrats Pinkie!


Comments on: "Opinions on S1 E1: The Mare in the Moon" (3)

  1. Mikey Clark said:

    Devin, it’s the mare IN the moon.

  2. Mikey Clark said:


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